Packing Essentials for Your Next Trip Abroad | Blake McCoy | Chicago, IL

Blake McCoy
2 min readApr 20, 2022

Vacations are so exciting that it can be easy to accidentally forget to pack a few essentials. While missing out on an item or two isn’t the end of the world, traveling abroad can make forgetting an item a bit more complicated, especially depending on the item.

There are many ways to go about packing to ensure that you get all the essentials. We’re here today to talk about what those essentials are. With any luck, this will help ensure that you pack everything you need for your next big adventure.

Passport and Visas

The more obvious travel essentials would be the paperwork required, such as passports and visas. When planning a vacation abroad, it is critical to do a few rounds of checks here. First, ensure that everything is correct — and up to date. Second, ensure that these items are packed securely and not unintentionally left behind.

Day Bag

It is critical not to misjudge the value of a good day bag for those traveling abroad. Remember, you’re not going to want to carry your suitcase around the whole time. And yet there will be items you’ll need on you while touring. A day bag can be a purse, backpack, or other useful bags. Ensure that it is sturdy and comfortable before packing it into your suitcase.

Universal Travel Adaptor

Another essential item for traveling abroad is a universal travel adaptor. These days, people tend to travel with many technical items; phones, cameras, e-readers, and even laptops. However, these items won’t be any good if you can’t charge them. Carrying a set of universal travel adaptors ensures that you can charge your electronic devices no matter where you are or the plug situation.


Do you take any medications? If so, it is essential to plan ahead. Make sure you have enough of your prescription for the trip — and that they make it into your luggage. Depending on the medication, it might be worthwhile to check with your airline to ensure that all rules regarding packing and paperwork are followed.

Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

It’s amazing how much clothing can affect how one feels. Uncomfortable clothes or shoes can quickly ruin an experience, even if it would otherwise be a delightful vacation. As such, remember to pack comfortable shoes and clothes. Ideally, these items should be appropriate for the climate you’re traveling to. Including a few additional items, such as a warmer jacket, sunglasses, and different shoe choices.

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